The Welfare and Safety of our children and all stakeholders is of paramount importance to all at Pikes Lane Primary School. During our last OFSTED inspection, our Safeguarding Practices were deemed to be Outstanding. “Staff are highly vigilant and take appropriate actions to ensure that pupils are kept safe and the arrangements for safeguarding are effective”. Those pupils that spoke with inspectors stated that they felt safe in school.
School Leaders ensure that pupil welfare and safety is given the highest priority. We have strong links with external agencies to ensure that effective support is in put in place for families and pupils.


Bolton Encompass
The purpose of Bolton Encompass is to safeguard and support children and young people who have been involved in or witness to a domestic abuse incident. Domestic abuse impacts on children in a number of ways. Children are at increased risk of physical injury during an incident, either by accident or because they attempt to intervene. Even when not directly injured, children are greatly distressed by witnessing the physical and emotional suffering of a parent.
Following the report of an incident of domestic abuse, by 9.00am on the next school day the school’s Key Adult will be informed At Pikes Lane Primary School our Key Adult is Headteacher, L. McArdle.


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