Staff Health & Wellbeing

As well as caring for the children that are at our school, we also care for our staff. There are many initiatives that we run in order to help maintain wellbeing amongst our staff. Some of these include:

  • A Health and Wellbeing Working Party that meet regularly to discuss ways in which a work-life balance can be maintained.
  • Regular car valets organised for staff to have their car washed during the school day.
  • Massages delivered to staff during Health and Wellbeing Days. (As Pictured Below)
  • Health checks delivered in school for staff wanting to meet with a nurse.
  • When possible, meetings are arranged during the school day rather than after school.
  • Food provided for staff during any training days or twilight meetings.

There are many other events and initiatives that take place for the staff at our school, these are just a few.