Staff Health and Wellbeing


Happy and healthy children do better in school and they need happy and healthy staff to help them thrive. Staff wellbeing at Pikes Lane is a vitally important aspect of the whole school approach.

Recently, the school has been awarded, ‘The Health and Wellbeing Award’. There are many initiatives the school uses to help maintain a good work-life balance:

  • Regular car valets organised for staff.
  • When possible, meetings are arranged during the school day rather than after school.
  • Food is provided for staff during any training day or twilight meetings.
  • The school has subscribed to a counselling service to help support anyone who needs any additional emotional support.
  • We have a health and wellbeing working party that meet regularly to discuss and reflect on our practices.
  • Each year, we have 3 health and wellbeing days. We allocate teaching staff to have 15 minutes ‘me time’ including massages, nail pampering or a game of FIFA.
  • Regular staff social events are organised.
  • All staff has a ‘Reflective Facilitator’ to help support every member of staff. Weekly meetings take place in school time so you are constantly supported and able to share teaching practices.
  • Teachers have 3 wellbeing days a year to give them some additional preparation/planning time. 
  • Each week, we celebrate all members of staff and award a particular member who has demonstrated hard work and effort linked to our school motto, ‘Everyone Matters’.