Welcome to Reception's Home Learning Page



Welcome to Reception's home learning page, here you will find ideas, activities and videos to complete with your child. 

Watch the video and write numbers 0-5. 

Watch the video and write numbers 6-10.

Julia Donaldson has written some wonderful advice about staying safe and staying home with the help from some of her wonderful book characters: 

Hello boys and girls

Can you complete the scavenger hunt?

Make a list of what you have found and send it to your teacher




Listen to Mrs Long read the story of 'Supertato' Can you draw a story map?


  • Can you tell the story to your grown up?
  • Can you draw a story map?
  • Can you make a 'Supertato' using a real potato (if you have one) - send a photo to your teacher!
  • Can you write a list of the characters in the story? Who is your favourite?
  • How would you catch the 'Evil Pea?' Can you draw and write about this?

I wonder what numbers you can see?

Click the link below to listen to the Gruffalo, can your child use some paper to map out the story?


 Here is a story read by Miss Hilton:

Click the link below for free phonics play access: 

Phases 2-4.


Here is Mr Thorne to teach you how to correctly pronounce the sounds: 



Below are a range of free resources for you to use at home with your child:





Teach Your Monster to Read:



Oxford Owl Reading:



Teaching Handwriting Beginners:



Teaching Handwriting Capital Letters:



Teaching Handwriting Cursive for Beginners:



Teaching Handwriting Cursive Letter Choices:



Teaching Number Formation:



Teaching Letter Joins:



Dancing Videos for Exercise:



Cosmic Kids Yoga:



Use the scroll bar at the side of the power point to follow the one more or less questions. 

Use the scroll bar to access phase 2 and 3 sounds:

Work through the next slides and talk to your family about your visit to the farm:

Can you read the words on the next slide: 

Phase 2 and 3 Sight Words:

CVC words for you to read: 

Can you talk to your family about the following video?

Can Mrs Ashraf's Group read the story below:

Can anyone give my gnome a name? 

Here is another story for you to enjoy:

Can you play I spy with me?